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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Spooking The Cattle.

Just a quick thought here. In today's podcast, Bill Still peaked my interest when he stated that this year about a hundred food processing plants have mysteriously burned down. Still then added that the food processing in the US is not centralized but rather is done by about 35,000 independent processing plants. Today Greg Hunter questioned where is the FBI as to investigating those fires.

So is it possible to view the daily food plant fires about the same as old time cattle rustling when the rustlers fired a few shots to spook the sheep cattle into running in one direction fast? Is someone getting headlines to spook the population to stock up now because we are going to need it? Is 100 pizza makers being torched going to stop 35,000 food processors (assuming they get their required raw food stocks)?

So if we are being spooked into grocery shopping is it being done by good guys or bad guys? Your thoughts?

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