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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Spaghetti Roast Celebration.

One of my favorite recipe’s is my Mother’s Spaghetti Roast. It is a rump roast seared then cooked for 90 minutes in basic spaghetti sauce. But here’s the twist. It has four Bay leaves and about a Teaspoon (or more) of ground Allspice added to it. It is an amazing flavor.

I just finished cooking it and placing it in the refrigerator so the flavors can continue to jell before serving with garlic French toast tonight to the extended family. We are celebrating. I have not served this meal for the past four months and tonight may be my last time serving it for a long time. I believe we are going into the long awaited collapse in a few days.

I was listening to a 40 minute post today by Erin Scott. I will post it but I don’t know if it is viewable outside of her subscription Patreon website. But in it she mentions the Saudi Arabia contract with Russia perhaps creating the Petro-Ruble. She says someone referred to it as “The final nail in the coffin.” She vehemently disagrees and says it’s more like the first back-hoe bucket full of dirt being poured on the coffin!”

Hang on Folks.

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