• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. So What’s Different About Turkey?

Yes, I know that other countries have tried to get off the US Petrodollar of the Central Banks and move to gold, and have been annihilated for the effort. These are Iraq, Afghanistan, Venezuela and Nigeria just to name a few. So why is it possible that Turkey can succeed?

Turkey might because of one reason – the U.S. Military will not threaten to invade them, that’s why. All the CIA, Deep State and Cabal can do is threaten to kill the government leaders as they always do, but that’s it. They can’t buy them out as they are broke and can only offer recognizable broken promises of future payments.

So can the bad guys succeed with politician’s death threats alone? That is the question now, isn’t it?

A few months ago I shared a story about a US Army Major that was in Burma the last few days of WWII. The General informed him the Japanese were about to surrender in four days and there were thousands of Allied prisoners that would be put to death hours before surrender. The Major was to plan the rescue of the prisoners and deliver the plan the following morning.

He delivered it. The General was furious and told the Major to proceed but in the meantime the General would be preparing a Court Martial case against him in the event of the plan’s failure. And so it went.

The Major concluded that the jungle was too big, no transportation through it, no way to conceal the operation and no way to get to all prison camps. It was impossible to go rescue them in time. So his alternate plan was to use bombers to drop leaflets addressed to the camp Commandants and Camp guards. The leaflets informed them that they knew the prison populations at the time and if any prisoners were executed then all the Japanese there, and their families, would be hunted down after the war and killed. This would occur outside of the law. The Major’s plan worked.

What if the rest of the world did the same to the CIA, Deep State, Banksters and CABAL? We are just going to have to wait and see how the political game plays out this time.

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