• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Slappin Leather.

Well I slept on it last night and now feel it is OK to share with you and it won’t be disrespectful.

I attended what today would be called an informal Patriot convention ten years ago in Ocala, Florida. However ten years ago we were just considered garden variety fruitcakes and not patriots but I was where I was meant to be. I met a lot of great people all dedicated to the volunteer work ahead. It appeared to me that the big honcho was my new friend Gene. We were all strangers coming together to free Florida from the hold on the country. I say hold because we were all green and didn’t have the big vocabulary on the subject like we have today.

Anyway, Gene, the preacher, had the microphone and said something that another preacher vehemently disagreed with. It was a factual contest about what was said between them a half year before. They both remembered their talk differently. The other preacher walked over to his chair, retrieved his worn leather bound bible and offered to swear an oath on it. Gene threatened to get his leather bound one and do likewise. Fortunately in a couple of minutes they calmed down and continued on with the task at hand.

When I finally got to the motel and about dropped dead from working the room all day I slumped in a chair and called my wife. I told her how impressed I was with all the people there, that I finally found my mother ship, and I was never going back to work again as I was going to be too busy for a job.

After answering all of her questions about the day I said “By the way” … [We always share with each other when something “First” happens to us.] “I actually saw two preachers acting like cowboys in a Western standing in main street at high noon ready to slap leather!”

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