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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Signs For The Lay Of The Land, Part II

Jeff helped me get my thoughts a little clearer. Note that the chart below is just a work in process and will always be that, in process.

Unfortunately it uses terms that elicit strong emotions of good or evil. I hate that. But our minds need to start with terms to keep the word count down for simplicity sake. As Jeff pointed out to me, even the term “Individual Sovereignty” can be taken to extreme. So keep this caveat in mind here.

I removed the locations on the field and replaced them with group or camp locations in no particular order.

So what’s the purpose of all this? I am trying to get it straight in my mind what basic groups may congeal as individuals go through the Great Awakening. As we begin to realize we need to change our leadership type and country primary organizational needs we will have a better picture of possible options. But again, these options may change over and over but this is good. That is much preferred than "I am in camp #? because I hate Pelosi or Trump." It shows we are now awake and thinking.

Keep in mind that some changes may be automatic such a collapse of Central Banks.

So this is what I have now, a chart that might be used to see where an individual is heading towards. We can use it to try to determine what someone else is contemplating or ourselves. It opens the possibility for conversation. It helps us realize what our priorities are. If one is heading for group #? they may not realize it may encompass a package of decisions to be accepted.

Possible Political Camps:

Group 1

Government: Strong / Communist / Feudal / Dictatorial

Economics: Leader owns everything - see above

Central Bank: Everything provided - no money required

Globalism: Yes, Leader owns/controls EVERYTHING

Freedom: Enslaved

Group 2

Government: Strong / Democracy Economics: Fascism, Managed Markets

Central Bank: Strong

Globalism: Yes

Freedom: Enslaved

Group 3

Government: Weak / Communism-Capitalism-Lite / Confusion

Economics: Some Monopolies & some Free Markets

Central Bank: Weak, mostly barter & local currencies

Globalism: No, limited global trade/barter

Freedom: Enslaved

Group 4

Government: Strong / Republic / Freedoms of Choice

Economics: Free markets with anti-monopolistic controls

Central Bank: Strong currency(s) but limited scope

Globalism: No, open trade using international currency.

Freedom: Individual Sovereignty

Your thoughts?

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