• Jim Costa

Jim's Rant For The Day. Sidney Powell and Chris Christie off the Trump Team.

Powell is focusing on the criminal investigation that the FBI apparently will not perform. In the meantime the Trump legal team is focused on the Supreme Court and Constitutional Crisis issues; a different area of law. This appears to be a logical division of duties. And by the way, Powell's work can not only be used to correct the vote counts but can also be used by a Military Tribunal for treason charges.

Chris Christie and other fellow Republicans suddenly calling for Trump to concede might be from fear as Powell smokes out the Governor and Secretary of State in Georgia for bribery in allowing the purchase of the Dominion machines. Recently Powell said there are other governors, elected officials (State and local levels) who also took payment from the Chinese government to admit the Dominion machines. So what we may be seeing is rats trying to save themselves.

I still feel that Trump is holding a lot of cards yet to be played. Perhaps this is really just a big chess game - a game that you never quit until you no longer have a move to make.

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