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Jim's Rant For The Day. Shit Storm

11/19/12 6:00 PM Jim's Rant For The Day. Shit Storm

Based on the major stories posted today, one common theme stood out to me. It reminded me of the shameful days when I told crude jokes.

I once heard about a study (financed by the government) on how much food an elephant could hold. The scientists put a cork in an elephant's butt and fed him constantly. Once they got the data needed, they trained a monkey to pull corks for a reward. The last day of the experiment all hell broke loose. A news reporter interviewed three eye witnesses. The first: "It was horrible, shit flying all over the place . . . " The second: "Oh God, it was horrible, the worst disaster I ever saw. . shit flying in every direction." The third: "All I remember seeing was a monkey trying to shove a cork back up an elephant's ass!."

Well Sports Fans, the cork is out. We are seeing the minions falling all over themselves trying to get the shit off of them before we notice. Some of the articles indicate that there was a contest to see who is king of the mountain: The FBI or the CIA, the covert war mongers in the military or the "put 'em all on the ground" war mongers, not to mention Israel's bombing fish in a barrel.

I would like to tell you what the real story is, but I am confused just like you. All I see is a lot of big people covered in shit trying to put a cork back in, lest we see the shit they have all been up to, all of them!

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