• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Sept. 20th.

Clif High gave his view on the Pop Off period. I thought it was right on point and connects with all that I fell as well.

However he failed to comment on Sept 20th. That is the date when all states can destroy all records dealing with the 2020 Federal election (ballots).

Yesterday Gov. Ron DeSantis ordered all 2020 ballots remain intact after Sept. 20th until he so orders the destruction. However all the other states are prepared to destroy after that date.

If a case is to be made contesting the 2020 vote it must be filed before Sept 20th in order to get a Federal Judge orders all states to preserve their ballots during litigation.

Therefore watch for the vote fireworks to begin in the first half of September. This may also cause the big banks to fall.

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