• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Seeing A Multi-Faceted Diamond.

When we look at the news headlines it can get so confusing that it overpowers our minds at times. One news message is all will be all right soon and another says the planet will die from a nuclear war. One says the economy can be changed and improved and another says economically, the end of the world is upon us and we may die from hunger. What’s a mother to think?

First we need to take a big calming deep breath and remind ourselves that we are in a propaganda war and so we must expect propaganda. Then we must heed what some of the experts are telling us. Say for instance an Economic guru may say the numbers mean XXX. But he is looking at just one facet of our world and not the overall panoramic view. Another may be looking at the food supply numbers but not seeing that same panoramic view.

The matrix is set to be jolted by an A/B option at any moment. It can be set to continue with the Biden scam and take us into more control by the Elite – Option “A”. Or the matrix can go for Option “B”, the freeing of the planet for us to leave their death plan for us and create a better safer planet for humankind.

So we need to try to stay calm and continue to see beyond the problem and focus on the future we want.

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