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Jim’s Rant For The Day. S*** I Don’t Care.

As a company controller I had a new mainframe computer installed with about seven terminals hooked to it. I had to collect passwords from all the users so the engineer could password protect them. I gave them to him and was about to leave to answer a phone call when the engineer asked me for my Administrator password. I had not considered it and didn’t have time to think up a cute name. As I was heading to the phone I said “Shit, I don’t care.” When I got back I was told my Administrator password was “shitIdon’tcare”.

When a new computer is purchased its Administrator password is already “Admin”. When first booted up you are prompted to change it right then. Without an Admin password you can’t configure the machine. This is true for all computers.

Now the story out of Maricopa County, Arizona is the county never had an Admin password.

If it is true then the entire vote is null and void because the vote cannot be certified. If it is true then the vote administrator should be fired immediately for malfeasance. If that story is not true then someone is lying and covering up for themselves or others. You pick.

Is this a way for the Democrats to throw in the towel and stop the audit by having the county voting Supervisor declare he did not have the password so now the vote is voided? By doing this the Democrats might be able to say the voting fraud that was discovered there cannot be implied to have occurred elsewhere as it is now a moot issue.

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