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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Running Dangerous Equipment That’s Gone Uncontrollable.

Today has been a wild news day. For me it began with watching the Glenn Beck piece on mothers railing against their School Boards. I was shocked at how some school boards were reacting, especially the one that hired a public relations firm that defamed a Mom for asking to see the Critical Race Theory material they were using in the classrooms.

Then I listened to the Bobby Kennedy Jr. interview of Fauci and Gates committing genocide for fun and profit.

I had to drive into town this afternoon and while driving this random thought just jumped into my relaxed mind. “What would a reasonable person do when a major machine goes wild and becomes dangerous and uncontrollable?” Of course my knee jerk response was to turn it off until it’s repaired so it can’t do damage. Why can’t we do that with School Boards that are operating way out of bounds against the will of the majority of citizens? Why not attend all meetings and use public forum time to stop all proceedings until the board pays closer attention to the community or the board resigns. I know this work strike is dangerous to the school system but so is doing nothing. So too with this pandemic hysteria. We may need to shut some government boards down until they can be repaired. Just a thought.

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