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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Rolling Over A Roly Poly Bug.

I have always imagined that if authorities find a lost small child that is too young to tell his age, they test the child. He is placed on the floor with a Roly Poly bug and a large turtle. If the Roly Poly is turned over the child is under 3. If the turtle is turned over to squirm, the child is over 3.

So if the Military is going to step in to turn us back over from our upside down predicament, why are they taking so darned long without a hint that they are coming?

Could it be that the world sees us defenseless on our backs unable to right ourselves leaving us vulnerable to the bad guys?

Could it be the minute the military shows up with 80% of its force with long pry bars focused on leveraging us back into position we will be at our breaking point peak in being defenseless? Then what happens if half the citizens rebel because they want us to remain upside down? Now talk about being vulnerable . . .

So if the Military saw all this coming and playing out like the above, what would they do, just march straight into hell? Or would they keep jets flying an umbrella overhead for protection until the majority of the people are demanding we get uprighted and will immediately stand to assist the military in our defense instead of reacting to them as our foe?

The night before last I had a recycling dream of walking downstairs into a basement and seeing about a half dozen dead small mice in a square foot in a corner near a brick wall. One mouse was still wiggling. Looking down the room I saw many more mice dead and dying. I realized someone put poison down and it would require a snow shovel to scoop and dispose of them. I didn’t get any words with the dream. I just let the dream sit yesterday as I didn’t understand it, knowing the translation would come.

Last night I dreamed I was in my Mom’s large old house. In the dream it had expensive finished golden oak floors throughout. The large oriental rug protecting the front room floor had been rolled back and the floor was freshly paste waxed making it slippery. There was a dance party in the front room and the adults were partying like crazy. Then I saw the floor splitting apart about 1 to 2 inches wide from the shifting weight and running like an earthquake down the entire floor to the back of the house.

I was horrified! That entire expensive beautiful floor was destroyed. It was dangerous and people could fall in. It had to be recapped or ripped up everywhere. About the third time I saw the dream I realized a skill saw could rip up a one foot wide strip down it and new planks could be installed. Just a small section of the house floor need be varnished and finished. It wasn’t all destroyed, it was repairable!

I translate the dreams this way. There is a split in the floor of the House from too much partying; the floor of our house - Congress. We are all at risk of falling in so it must be repaired quickly and can be. The rats have been poisoned while they were partying and are now dying. The snow shovel hints at the winter time for the cleanup. Just my crystal visions.

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