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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Rockefeller's Standard Oil Company Lost Itself As Will The Pharmaceuticals.

I studied a case (I believe it was Hudson v. Standard Oil of New York, circa 1966) that really caught my attention from a business point of view. At one time John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company was the largest oil company in the U.S. In 1911 it was forced to break up it’s monopoly into seven separate companies. One of those seven lost itself through greed.

Hudson, a small oil company, had a contract to purchase oil from a seller. Standard heard about it and convinced the seller to sell that oil to Standard instead at a higher price in order to ruin Hudson’s business. Hudson sued Standard for damages resulting from Contract Interference, under Tort law. Tort law deals with damages one received outside of a contract between the two parties.

Hudson won its case and received the damages it asked for. However, under Tort law, a jury can award punitive damages to punish the losing party and send a message to others not to do what that defendant tried to do.

So far this was just plain law. But here is what impressed me. The court scrutinized the amount awarded as punitive damages and allowed the (apparent) excessive dollar amount because it was not considered excessive under common law practices. That prescribed maximum that could be awarded was one dollar less than the amount of the award to immediately make the defendant insolvent. So in affect it caused that part of Standard oil company to be forced into a merger and thus it lost itself. The jury was so offended that they granted the maximum punishment allowed by the law.

I share this with you because many fear that the three big pharmaceuticals that pushed the Covid Vax, and many other parties who were involved in the greed hoax, will live happily ever after. Well sports fans, all those damaged by those Vaxes will somewhere and some day be before a jury that will ignore the protections given by our illegal government, and those victims will be suing under Tort Law and can be awarded punitive damages. Sooner or later a pissed off jury will react to the genocide before them.

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