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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Rat Cheer is Where We are – In A Civil War.

What else can we call a country with two governments apposed to each other? Civil War is the only word that I know. Of course we are coming from a hidden Civil War because we all along had the Deep State. But now we are probably under two governments: The Deep State and those that recognize the Deep State is there fighting the assumed Constitutional government. Getting deep isn’t it?

But to simplify, let’s say we have two governments, one a two parter and the second a short life one.

The two parter is the U. S. Military running the government for a month or two until the pre-Civil War Republic can be reconstituted and brought online. Then the Military will drop back and obey them. Their assets are Gold recently taken from the Vatican & Italy; a strong Military; a great plan; 75% of the population and probably the respect of the world leaders.

The other government has a very weak leadership under Biden; a dying bankrupt corporation under it’s control, only the ability to legislate domestic policy; no military and probably no world respect and no credit and lots of debt. Then add to that a death bounty of each traitors head that they know will probably come due within a month or two. They have no real long term future. They know they are hated by the citizens.

So there you have it. I am sad to say that the mass arrests did not happen Wednesday as planned so here we are. Let’s just hope the civil war does not actually roll out into the streets before this situation is cured. God save us all.

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