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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Quick Draw SCOTUS.

I have been reading the articles condemning the Supreme Court’s schizophrenic ruling on the VAX Mandates. I just listened to the X22 Report lambasting the Court for allowing the mandates left in place for health workers. Dave on X22 Report says the Court should have demanded and studied all medical investigations and studies on the vaccinations.

Dave is absolutely right in the studies being examined by the Court. But at the same time I say Dave is wrong. In a normal world that is exactly what the Court should have done, but we are in a war now. What if the Court didn’t have time to call for and wait on reports to be entered into the case. That may have taken a month longer for the Court’s ruling. What if Trump is ready for the Military to pull the plug on the Deep State soon and just needed a fast ruling shot at the Biden Administration to end the controversial Plandemic.

I believe the Court took a quick draw shot fired from the hip. That’s all the time they had. It may not have been a kill shot but it did stop Biden in his tracks. Great shot gang.

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