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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Project Looking Glass.

This is about my first learning of Project Looking Glass. It was roughly twenty years ago.

When I first began to think I might be intuitive I slowed down my life and explored what was happening to me. I am the type of person that if I don’t know the answer I go research for myself. I seek smart mentors, usually in books.

The first book I ordered was by Char Margolis, Questions From Earth, Answers From Heaven. The book I read was the precursor of this 2010 book. I believe I saw an interview with her on T.V. that lead me to her book.

The book was about her life as well as a tutorial on how anyone can open up intuitively. It was a great help to me in my journey.

She shared that she was well advanced in her skill while in college. She was then approached to work on a “military research program” which she joined as a part time job. The project was Looking Glass. As I recall, she was lead into an empty room several times per week and asked to look into the future and describe what she saw. Then she would leave.

After a while the pattern settled down to looking at a particular location in the ocean at a particular future time and describe anything she saw there, mostly shipping and in particular submarines. Sometimes she saw nothing and sometimes she had hits. She never got feedback. I think she did this for about 18 months then left them to go on with her life.

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