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Jim's Rant For The Day. Prior Years Reposts

It's going to be a long quiet week as things may be happening behind the curtains. I am still busy with The Chamber of Commerce project. So I thought I might share a few of my favorite rants with you from bygone days. Hope you enjoy them.

9/2/12 6:00 AM Jim's Rant For The Day. The Last Planet

My friend is an avid Science Fiction reader. During one of our heavy conversations, he mentioned a book he had read that I think was titled The Last Planet. The story was about scientists who just discovered a planet in their solar system. All of their research concluded positively that it was a much better environment than the one they were currently living on. It was a pristine, healthy place, had abundant food, better temperatures, loaded with gold and silver, and it would greatly increase life expectancy. The scientists decided to keep the discovery quiet and away from the public. Their plan was to build rockets that would deliver them there for further exploration. Unfortunately, they had to request funding from the government. The politicians insisted they be the first to go, instead of the scientists, so they could establish government for the final wave of pioneers. Next, the attorneys heard about it and insisted they go to establish a legal system. Then the preachers, insurance salesmen, and bankers got their slots filled as well, for the benefit of all. The rockets were completed, and the chosen career groups took off on the first wave to colonize. After blast off, you learned that the scientists' real plan was to rid themselves of parasites to their society. By the way, the name of that new planet was "Earth!" With the coming reset, we get a "do-over" but without the costs associated with rockets. Do your leadership homework and open your minds for a completely new culture creation. Folks, This is our last planet, for now. If we can't manage this one successfully, then we don't deserve another one, if you know what I mean.

8/10/12 8:30 AM Jim's Rant For The Day. The Old One, Two.

Sorry girls, this one is for the guys only.

First of all, let me say that they have been on to us for a long time. They've been snickering and mocking us all along. I am talking about the girls' rite of passage into womanhood; the prom, which is short for promenade, meaning to strut your stuff. That is when we get to see them in their amazing true beauty for the first time. It is their way of saying, "I am a woman and available for courting." A hundred years ago it was referred to as the girls "Coming out ball" until they changed the name so we wouldn't suspect they knew. Just think about that. Now we know why they were giggling at the prom! They knew what we were having to go through.

Of course, I am referring to the private crossing over rite for boys becoming men. For any adolescents or late bloomers out there, let me give you a hint of what's in store for you. Question: What's worse than getting your __(insert name here) stuck in your zipper? Answer: Getting it out!

In that moment, you rationalize that your Dad is not around for you, God knows you can't holler for your Mom, and you have to stand on your own two feet, so to say. It's all up to you from here on; gotta face it like a man. After a prolong period of agony and brainstorming, you finally come to the realization that no matter how much it may hurt, there comes a time when you simply have to reverse everything you have done. The rest is easy. All you have to do is count to three and just do it. One ... Two....

We are facing that same situation today but on a much grander scale. We are in agony and can't go forward anymore with our socio-economic system. We have to look through our tears to see a better vision, but first, it's gonna hurt. We have to reverse our current visions of our future. Gotta be prepared to give up the business, retirement, cashing in on the college education, that promise from the insurance annuity company to pay us. The only way out of this is to reverse everything and start new. One ...Two... O.K. This is for real this time. One ... Two. . .

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