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Jim's Rant For The Day. Prepper Groups With 3-D Printers. Help Needed.

Just playing What If here folks. This mind experiment requires a Prepper group or a large extended family pictured to succeed.

* Assume some in the group have access to cash more than others. * Assume the group is most successful as long as the group stays intact and strong.

* Assume the group has supplies for X Time period and the chaos in that area continues for more than that X Time period.

Now let’s begin to imagine.

First we have to recognize that in a survival situation all members are important to the group. To say that one person is more valuable than another is like saying one leg on a three legged stool is needed more than another. When enough of the legs have been removed the group will surely fall over.

This brings us to the question of “What is our end-game?” when our supplies do begin to run out?

Our group has a policy that when a member’s supplies begin to run out they are furloughed to an outside residence that we can support in all ways except food. But is there another way to continue to keep the group intact beside enforcing this policy?

Yes, I believe there is. Those with excess cash will probably survive the longest through the furloughs but may in time may realize their numbers are dangerously low and they may die with a lot of cash. Pity.

So how’s this for an end-game plan? Those with cash can invest in deluxe 3-D printers to produce all needed supplies to sustain the group. This would be better than the entire group perishing, right? Even the wealthy ones would buy into this as the end nears right? Isn’t this a good plan?

Now I know you are going to say “Silly, the Internet will be down.” But I really don’t mean a real 3-D printer. I suggest the wealthy ones purchase silver and gold at the current ridiculous low prices and as the chaos continues it will grow at astronomically high rates. An ounce of silver is expected to possibly exceed $1,000 per ounce during the chaos. (I am not here to argue the value, just accept it for this experiment please.)

A $100,000 investment today could be worth $50 Million after a year of chaos.

Now I know it would be dangerous to go out into public to purchase but a group can manage this problem much better than a loner can. I am referring to a time when the world begins to produce again and commerce is just beginning to crank back up.

Your thoughts? If you are a loner with a bad taste in your mouth leave it alone. I am trying to develop the idea and need honest input. Thanks.

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