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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Possible Timeline.

Here is a disgusting exercise for you to do if you think your life depends on it. This may be the way to determine when the end game date is set by the Deep State. Check it out if you dare.

Your first step is to watch the one hour video out yesterday by Greg Hunter, Drought, Famine & Vax = Depopulation – Steve Quayle. If you can’t spare the hour then at least read Greg’s recap of it.

If you give this interview credibility, and Quayle is most credible, one should see that the Deep State’s endgame is framed by November, when the entire US West coast will be depleted of all drinking water. It will have to be evacuated from Las Vegas West to the ocean, from LA to Washington State. If this sounds preposterous then just look at the water remaining there now and how many years it will take to refill the water reserves. So don’t you dare roll on the floor laughing without doing your research.

So if this is a hint to the Deep State’s possible endgame in-your-face, what can we expect from the good guys? To me this puts extreme pressure for their endgame to be much sooner than November. If we assume that it is a given that the financial collapse is a must, and it must happen on Biden’s (or Deep State’s watch), there are plenty of warning signs it is about here now. Most of our West coast ports are throttled back, now including New Orleans, which throttles back our Gulf oil production.

And how about the Christmas shopping season, the annual savior of most stores? Do you think they will get their toy shipment in time this year? I have always said the collapse will not occur when you cannot by goods, it will be here when repair shops cannot buy goods to make repairs. I think we are there now – technology is dying in the US.

My gut feel is somewhere between September 15 and the middle of October. Folks, it is too late for a long term survival plan. You had best be scrambling to complete a short term survival plan the get you through at least three months or better still longer.

This is the best I can say.

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