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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Possible Reason For Weather Modification.

For the last 18 months Q has been saying “Watch the water”. Most folks took that to mean the three gorges dam in china. But what if it wasn’t about that dam?

I have recently posted two rants about how to bring down the Central Banks:

Jim’s Rant For The Day. 69% Interest.

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Wednesday Greg Hunter interviewed Dane Wigington about the military causing our droughts. I have not seen it yet as I am a poll worker for the current early voting in Florida. But I am familiar with the evidence he shares.

See: Radical Drought Caused by Military Weather Weapons – Dane Wigington

So let’s couple these two concepts together and see where it may take us, shall we?


1) A central bank can collapse in one country and resurface a few years later by being financed by other Central Banks; the buddy system.

2) The word “Central” in Central Banks means just that, they are the central controller of a country’s economy, laws, money, cash flow, raw materials, interest rates, food production, health, future in general, rigged fair market prices, etc. If there were 4 central banks in the game of Monopoly each bank would control all aspects of one side of the board game. They are the Big Cheese, the little man behind all the curtains.

3) People of the world are waking up from our Matrix of “central” controllers of our each sovereign realities.

4. To escape that matrix we must take down all of the Central Banks (CBs) at once, a very tall order.

5. The Central Banks don’t have their own military force, they use a country’s military.

Possible Plan:

Is it possible that the US Military, alone or with other militaries, is using weather modification to interfere with the CBs control of the Matrix, as a false flag against the Central Banks? Suppose by hijacking all the water in Western Civilization countries the steering wheel is taken away from the CBs while at the same time spotlighting them to the world as the ones controlling the steering wheel? They can’t come out and say “Some other dude is doing it because we are only screwing you this way!”, now can they? Now the world assumes the CBs are really out to kill you and here is the proof: biological warfare to kill us, geoengineering to starve us, etc.

If the US military is doing it,is it possible they have to so the rest of the world won’t notice it is happening everywhere but in the US, so they must be doing it? Besides, the US people must see the evil CBs as well, right?

The true purpose is not to starve the people but rather to starve the Central Banks by shutting down the economy, the cash flow in each country they control. Again, shutting down their oxygen, making new loans continuelsy.

The planned goal here is to starve the CBs to death, something they never planned for.


If a culture has the power to control the weather and at the same time bore a tunnel under a great dam and rub its water underground, shouldn’t it also have the ability to pump it back into that dam?

If the CB’s were surprised to lose control of the military wouldn’t they be unable to fight back for a while, leaving them defenseless other than trying to destroy things if possible? But without the money and power what are their options?

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