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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Population Migration.

There are a lot of articles posted suggesting there is, and will be, a migration from the West to the East Coast. They suggest this is being caused by lack of water, food and politics. We are experiencing tremendous migration growth here in NW Florida now. As we may enter more chaos this may be of concern to the homesteaders as well as the existing residents in the East. Change can be scary.

I am reminded of a vacation we took in West Virginia. We ended up in a jewelry shop where Betty met another female shopper and they were about to purchase everything they saw. I was just shirking in the background knowing there was no stopping her, wondering how I was going to fit the storefront in the car. I then realized the other husband was a coward as well.

We struck up a conversation with me sharing how brutal it must have been for the early mountain men to have to go miles downhill to the General Store and have to trudge back uphill toting everything. And then I mentioned the loneliness of isolation.

The local husband began telling me about one of the first mountain settlers. He was startled when a white stranger rode up and said “Howdy Neighbor.” The settler had never considered he had neighbors and asked where he lived. The stranger said "About 20 miles past that second mountain range there.”

He then continued “I stopped by to invite you to a party I am having Saturday night. I had better warn you, there will be a lot of drinking, probably some frighting and definitely some sex.” The settler responded “Wow! My kind of a party. What should I wear?” The stranger said “ It don’t matter no-how, it’s just gonna be you and me.” The next day the settler moved farther West.

If our ship fails to right itself soon, imagine the chaos ahead during the culling of the herd.

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