• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. “Pocket Watch A Tickin.”

I drive my 5 Y.O. Grand-Daughter to Pre-K in the mornings. She loves to sing but was having trouble hearing the words. So I got a CD by the Judds so she could hear clearly. She loves it. Most of the songs are about people falling in love and are filled with common phrases, like, "Mama, He’s crazy about me.” She would stop the song and ask what “Crazy about me” meant.

One song was about playing around the home as a child. It has a stanza in it about a lap dog with it’s ear twitching laying on Granpa’s lap sleeping to the sound of his pocket watch a ticking. She asked me what a pocket watch is.

I have never worn wrist watches because they got in my way while working. Yesterday I found my old pocket watch and laid it on the dinner table (her family eats dinner with us daily). Now she knows.

The watch is a ticken folks; act now. Today be sure to take pictures of banks so someday you can explain what they were to your Grand-Kids.

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