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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Personal – Apprentice Pirate.

Updated: Jul 26

Betty was going thru old pictures on her phone and sent me this one.

Our Grand-Daughter Tavi (Octavia) was about three at the time. She would stand in front of Betty’s computer and sing songs to a you tube channel for kids. For a whole year I had to work listening to a song about baby sharks.

When that was over she went to Pirate school. It was a YouTube of a lady and man dressed as pirates singing some pirate song. She was content just singing and dancing to it for many months. Then out of the blue, one day she made me put it on pause so she found get ready.

On her own she got one of my crusher hats and a pair of my black socks to wear as boots. Then I reminded her of my eye patch and she ran to the bathroom and retrieved a dark plastic cup I occasionally had to wear over an eye after surgery. Then she ran back and said “Play it.” Song Link

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