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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Pattern For Expiration Date Building?

This morning I listened to a podcast by Bill Still discussing the Main Street News blaming wheat shortages on Russia and Ukraine. Still gave information negating those two countries as the culprits. That was the theme of his news cast. But the last 2 minutes is what sparked my mind.

He points out what several other major Alternative news pod-castors have pointed out the last few days, including Greg Hunter from Friday and X22 Report from Friday as well. The Deep State appears to be openly showing their hand it is now playing and ignoring the political push-back they will get from it. That hand includes the delivery of Monkey Pox fear and the push to have WHO control all countries via medical emergencies. They are also pushing the end of critical supplies of all types and food shortages.

Bill Still and the other two mentioned above are saying the Deep State knows they must control the world prior to the November elections as they will have no power at all after that. Are they signaling their expiration date?

Bill Still Link (From 10 Minute Mark to end.)

Greg Hunter Recap & Video

X22 Report Recap & Audio

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