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Jim's Rant For The Day. Padman.

I feel that most of us have awakened and thrown the problems on the table and are dissecting them, which is a must do and greatly needed.

We are studying them.

Around 1980 I read Patch Adams' book which was just a collection of all the articles he wrote pushing his vision. For me the highlight of the articles was his conversation about the four finger problem/lesson given to him by one of his mentors. He points out that it is hard to create options when one stares only at the problem until fear sets in and it appears Insurmountable.

We are the creators. We need to create options if we are to grow beyond the problems. Turn away from the problems and you see the solutions.

One of my heroes is Madam Marie Currie, along with her husband, discovered radiation (Radon). It took her only 5 minutes of consideration to decline a patent on it, knowing the wealth it would have yielded her.

Last night I watched a true story on Netflix, PadMan, who looked at an impossible problem and did the same as Curie and Adams - walked away from the wealth and in so doing, changed the culture around the problem, removing the problem.

I highly recommend the movie in this, our time of need.

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