• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. P. S. on the Family Financial Impact of the Reset.

My apology for being so long winded with the total collection of the articles. I was shocked when I numbered the PDF pages. I intended to be as brief as possible. The vision I received was complex and not a one time quickie. I received them every other night for about six months. I saw them for many sub-parts of our economic system (industries).

I shared with you three of those industries: Banking, Medical and Higher Education. I warned you of stretching yourself a few more years for that pension. I hinted at what to expect financially for your family. With just those few puzzle pieces you should be able to extrapolate how it may impact you and yours.

What I did not say was how you have a chance to recreate your life if you feel the need to do so. If you have been caged in a life that is killing you health and soul wise then now will be the time to change it. You will be free to leave that horrible job/career. Disgusting marriage? Consider getting out because financially you both will be able to. If you want more out of life then consider going for it. Made mistakes in life? Now would be a good time to make amends so you can live with yourself.

This is the first step in our evolution. Evolution is not about growing a bigger pinky finger for better Gin-N-Tonic stirring while we cry about our shitty life. We need to stop our own suffering so then we can reach out and help everybody around us end their suffering. This is what species evolution is about. Happy evolving!

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