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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Outline For Success & Read'n Minds.

Recently I was on a Prepper forum when a 19 year old (Mclovin) posted a problem. He was searching for career suggestions in the crazy world we are currently in.

I ended up sharing two of my work products with him.

1. Mclovin: On two occasions I was told to train owners' kids to take over the family business. At the beginning of the second business succession project I wrote the following manual for the kid. Hope it helps someone.

2. Your next step is to cheat and Read Peoples' Minds. This will take you two hours to watch a one hour video twice. Be sure to learn this with a friend, partner or close relative. It will be like learning a foreign language that must be spoken with another to lock it in your brain. This normally takes a lifetime to learn and most people never see it. Be sure to print and take the 15 minute test first; it will prove that what you are learning is real. If you can't print in any way I can slow mail all you need. McLovin, In case you are wondering, you are either a Choleric or Choleric/Sanguine. I bet C/S. See: Spotting Personalities. You are going to learn in one hour what most people never learn at all! Happy hunting.

Readers: I hope these may help someone you know.

P.S. I just started hanging out at the above forum if anyone wants to talk. I am JimCosta.

Outline For Success - Project Management
Download PDF • 876KB

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