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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Operation Warp Speed and Early Cannons.

During our Civil War, the majority of the time General Lee fought a defensive war. He knew an army is most powerful when they select the battlefield, get there first and take up a defensive position. This forced the enemy to advance without cover and increased the kill ratio for the defenders advantage up to a 7 to 1 kill ratio.

One tactic the Union Army used was to arrive late to the party and send small cannon batteries out to shell the enemy in hopes their dug in protected cannons would return fire marking their positions. I have not heard Greg Hunter this morning yet but I did read his recap. He is still angry at Trump for Operation Warp Speed and stating that he is vaxxed. I admire Greg but have been watching him the past two months misinterpreting what Trump has been saying all along.

Early on in the Trump Administration we all thought Operation Warp Speed was to get an early Vax for the Covid but now we see that the Vax is poison. Ergo, Trump might be an Evil Doer.

But is it possible that Trump knew that the enemy already held the high ground (positioned their Deep State operatives in charge of the pandemic, IE. CDC, Who, Fauchi, etc.)? Is it possible Trump knew of the Deep State’s plan to lock down the populations for a few years to collapse the economy and weaken them physically and then roll out Covid and the poison Vaxes? Their plan was to kill about 6 billion souls in the process.

Is it possible that Trump fired his cannons first and forced the Deep State to move up their three year plan to just a few months, and as a result, fired their cannons unprepared, without even aiming first? Is that where we are today? Is that why the Covid narrative is collapsing and the Deep State is in panic because they are losing Covid as their primary killing tool?

Would the now statueless General Lee be proud of the Trump (White Hats) plan to force a premature ejaculation? Was that action so confusing that even we wonder if the party’s over and who won? What do you think now?

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