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Jim’s Rant For The Day. On The Fly

“On the fly” is a desperate programmer’s term for writing an impromptu procedure into a running program to do something that could not have been totally foreseen when the original program was written. An example might be a program to print water bills for all city residents. The bills will show both the current and last month’s gallons consumed. If a great difference in the numbers is detected on one bill then an On The Fly procedure might be created just to deal with that one customer. When finished the procedure would be deleted. The temporary procedure might pull the consumption history for the last six months for both that customer and his neighbors. It would then analyze the data, compose a letter and print it on a second printer, then delete itself.

That letter would inform the customer that it appears he may have a water leak and that is his responsibility as it is on his property. It might also suggest that his neighbor might be stealing his water as his bill has been going down by the same rate. It might also say if the problem is cleared up immediately the last few month’s bills may be discounted if he calls BR 524.

So On The Fly is making it up as you are going along and it is a dangerous thing to do. In the above example a diligent programmer would take note of the exception and print in a list of those “Cut Outs” for a clerk to react to instead of creating a Hatfield and McCoy type war unknowingly.

I share the above with you because we are seeing the Deep State doing an On The Fly routine with us in regards to this Cancel Culture stuff. They are using it to distract the news about how bad things are and getting us to argue over Chicken or the Egg idiotic problems that don’t really exist. But sane people are no longer making those decisions of who to attack next as evidenced by the recent attacks on Dr. Zeus and George of the Jungle.

It is all just to distract us and get us upset. Today I am really pissed off and fearful. I became a CPA because of the Count, one of the Muppets. He taught me everything he knew and now I hear they are going after him next. He will be exposed as a major racial bigot for trying to teach numbers to unskilled numbers people.

As I said, having a plan running on automatic can sometimes come back to haunt you. If the Count and his vampire counting buddies turn on them they will fear the night!

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