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Jim's Rant For The Day. On Being Human, Again.

I spent a lot of research time trying to determine the truth about the WWII Holocaust story. It took me about three months to come to a conclusion and then go back and try to disprove my conclusion. But after that I could continue my life with the knowledge that I had decided the truth for myself. I was at peace then.

During that research I learned of a U. S. Army officer who was suddenly put in charge of freeing internment camp workers when his outfit was ordered to free them. This was not to be the first of nearly a thousand such camps to be liberated. By this time the Red Cross was prepared to help. The officer was quite upset when their shipment of gift boxes arrived for the detainees, consisting of one set for the men and another set for the women. He first opened a female box and that was when he lost it. Among its contents was lipstick, brushes and combs, ribbons and small mirrors. These were the last things starving suffering detainees needed!

After the camp was emptied his report stated that the gift boxes was the most important thing they needed to recover. He said that for the first time in a long time they felt human again, like individuals! Before they were just cattle. This is what Covid-19 and being "Woke" is designed to do, to turn us into cattle; no longer being human and individuals. I truly believe we are about to snap out of this and go back to colorful clothing, a personal shade of lipstick, a huge gift smile for each other, and our birth culture telling us to have fish or Linguine Friday night with family. Thank you Red Cross for the heads up.

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