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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Obliterated Ambush Lead Tracks.

If I were an assassin and had to wait to bushwhack someone, I would surely consider walking into and out of my position by having my tracks obliterated by other heavy foot traffic. Otherwise cameras might pick me up or my tire tracks may be located and studied. The solution would be to obliterate my trail.

In this morning’s Greg Hunter Update, he dwells on Big Pharma’s move to mix and match all boosters to be used with any original drug company’s Vax shot. Why are they doing this? Is it to make it easier for the medical practitioners to inject without having to check a paper history of the prior shots? I don’t think so.

I feel we are seeing true fluid fear in motion; crooks desperately hiding their tracks. They are following the precedent set by lead based paint, believe it or not. In 1948 the paint industry (Sherwin- Williams Paint) knew it was dangerous to kids. But they continued to make it until 1978. Why?

Because the paint industry felt if they did a sudden change they would be admitting they knowingly ruined kids and would be sued for it. So instead they played stupid and continued ruining kids. They played a giant game of chicken with the child protectors. Finally legislation was passed absolving all those that left lead behind by 1978 from civil damages being owed to kids. As such the law allowed the obliteration of the tracks that led up to the 1978 deadline.

For an attorney to sue on behalf of a patient of the Pfizer poison shot he must prove the damages were caused by Phizer. But now all records are destroyed and no one knows what shots they received that could have caused the damage. This will become more complicated over time until Congress passes a Get Out of Jail Free card for them. This indicates to me that the Deep State suspects they are losing the takeover of the world and are in panic to protect themselves.

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