• Jim Costa

Jim's Rant For The Day. No Tag Teams Allowed.

Just got in and have not listened to Mike Adams yet.

I ran across a friend in the grocery store. When asked about Biden becoming the President this was my answer, and until then I had never expressed this.

The military in D.C. are sending a message to China to stay the hell outta here. This is supported by deployed Patriot missiles and air to air jets overhead. The Generals know if China owns us they will be executed as Chinese Generals take their jobs.

The last thing the generals want to do is fight a war against a tag team. Therefore they will dump Biden and Harris; they don't need to have them in control over the generals. The Military also does not want to fight both China and a civil war. The people have overwhelmingly voted against the left. The safe bet is to back that vote to keep 75% of the Americans from rising up against the government. All of this predicts that the military will arrest Biden, Harris and company by the morning of the 21st.

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