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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. NJ Senate President Sweeny.

There should be no doubt that there was an attempt by the Democrats to steal the vote at the last moments of the race. Consider this. CNN called the race about 10 PM, CST with 18% of the vote outstanding and a marginal lead of a few hundred votes, for the Democratic President of their Senate. How did they know he would win?

Then the following day he made his victory speech on TV and that was the end of it in the main street news. I tried every day up till yesterday to see the progress of the last 18% of the votes but it was never shown nor discussed by the state or news media. It was still being acted out as a done deal. Then suddenly yesterday afternoon Murphy conceded.

I stand pat with my former Rant on this situation posted on November 6th, The New Jersey Motive, In which I said Sweeny had the ego, motive, power and connections to cheat like hell at the last minute to save his power. I believe that is what he did. I also believe he conceded rather than call for a recount because it would prove he committed voter fraud and treason. This would be a simple case to prove. If New Jersey doesn’t peruse this than We The People of this country deserve to continue to be voter cheated in the future.

Sweeny should be exposed until he commits suicide as a lesson to all the others in the voter fraud crowd see it and believe it. One suicide could prevent thousands of murders.

P. S. Good Morning America failed to announce the concession news this morning. To them Sweeny is still the new Governor. Does the phrase "Road Runner over a cliff" mean anything to you?

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