• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. New Years Eve Party.

In the CPA world, it’s called a New Year’s Eve Party when the business owner that is going out of business loots all the cash (embezzlement). Today that happened when China made their move on another Chinese real estate corporation they have taken over. By taken over I mean they have violated international law by preventing the insolvent companies they now are protecting from going into bankruptcy receivership in order to make payouts just to Chinese investors but no payments to non-Chinese investors. It appears China looted the cash. The world historically views this type of action as an act of war.

It appears this is what the Chinese Communist Party will do with all large Chinese corporations, screw the world and default on it.

Does anyone know how to holler in Chinese “Let the rape of the world begin!”

See: $313 Million Of Distressed Land Developer China Fortune's Cash Just Disappeared Into Thin Air.

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