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Jim’s Rant For The Day. New Rant Categories.

The chaos we have all been expecting is about to begin in a month or so. The Poseidon ship is about to roll over. This is what I am going to do. I have never saved my Rants but now I will begin to save some of them. I will now have three Rant Categories.

Jim’s Rant For The Day. (Normal News Rant, unsaved) Jim’s Rant – Family. (Protecting your family during the chaos)

Jim’s Rant – Economics. (Bringing back business & community post collapse)

The last two types will be saved and Indexed on this site.

Reasoning: I realize I only have a small number of readers as compared to a few years ago when before I was hacked numerous times. I moved the site and did not make it phone friendly. That was my choice. I like it small so I stay under the radar.

I also realize I was given the gift to see ahead in time and that gift belongs to others. Now is the time to go national and share it. I will save, organize and codify it for others to link to if they wish. This way others can use it for their own communities.

I have been helping a few preparing free business plans for after the reset. I will continue to discuss general things in the Economics section. Don’t think just because of your age or other situation you need not read these rants; you will need them anyway. The people around you, both family and community , will need this information. Because you are aware of it you can now be the teacher. You will be most valuable in this work during fear, confusion and people without a clue as to where to begin. So do the work with me. In fact, join in and add your own Rants. P.S. Be warned. Anyone who sees the future never sees the timing, just the probability of the events.

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