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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Need Your Help Again.

What’s left of the Alternative Media Podcasters are being shut down again by major web browsers blocking their Bitchute podcasts from being seen.

I run Linux/Ubuntu operating system and can share how others can correct the problem for themselves, which I will do below.

But in the meantime I need your help by your sharing what you did to cure the problem for yourself if you are an I-phone user. Please report what changes you made so we can share it with all users. Thank you. ________________________________________________________________________________

I just discovered that the secondary web browser I loaded, OPERA, can be also be used on Windows as well as Linux.

Download here: Download Opera Web Browser for free. __________________________________________________________________________________

How to install an additional web browser on Linux or Ubuntu:

Download Opera Browser For Ubuntu

(Note: I don’t think the version of Ubuntu you may use matters.)

Final notes on Opera: It will copy all your favorite web bookmarks into itself. It's drawback is it will allow you to select Duckduckgo as your search engine but will not apply it. It remains Google. That is why I use two browsers, one to search with and one to watch what I am not supposed to watch.

Also Note: In Linux you can copy the commands to be used but must "Paste" them in the Terminal.

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