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Jim’s Rant For The Day. My Wife’s Pre-Chaos Investments.

Because my wife has foreknowledge of the financial collapse coming in the next few months and because we have Prepper supplies for a very long time, below was her last minute investment strategy.

Several years ago she sold most of her real estate holdings but one. She put some of that money in U. S. Silver Dollars. Two weeks ago she finally made the emotional decision to sell the home she purchased at age of eighteen. She sold it for a discounted price of $60,000.

She immediately put $30,000 into additional Silver. Post chaos silver is expected to immediately jump to around $600 to $1,000 per ounce. From there it might continue to around $2,000 per oz. When the price hits around $160 per Oz. she can pay off the Double Wide purchase below, if she chooses.

She went to a Mobile Home Sales park and purchased a double wide home as an investment. There is a back order time of 3 to 6 months to purchase one. She purchased one already on the lot to insure delivery prior to chaos. It will take a month or so to pull county permits for delivery and installation. But for now she owns that home.

She bank financed the $170,000 home with $8,000 cash down. If the banks close she gets the home for free. If not, when her silver increases to $160 per ounce she can pay it off if she chooses. Payment can be made in silver or she can borrow against her silver as the price per ounce continues to rise.

Next she wants a big porch built on it. This week we will have all materials inventoried here. We can’t construct until late October and if we wait until then to purchase the $6,000 cost of materials today could be $12,000 or more in late October, due to the dollar collapse, not considering shortages. I am told that professional erectors for pole barns are six months behind in jobs due to high demand. We now have a man lift and other safety equipment to install the roof and flooring ourselves.

The way I see it, because she had foreknowledge, she will increase her wealth by about $1.2 Million to $2.2 Million using her $60,000 cash from sale of home, leaving $10,000 still in her pocket.

Yep, I married a crazy lady but a savvy one.

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