• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. My Thoughts On The Military Being Ordered To Be Vaxed.

When I read the articles it was suggested that the order would come later Monday perhaps. That was very telling to me. I don’t see the Secretary of Defense perhaps maybe giving an order. Then the order was hinted at being conditional by “if the FDA approves the Vax.” It all sounded like a test flag sent up the flagpole to see the reaction.

But then I woke up about 4 AM with a distinct image in my mind. It was a scene from the movie Gettysburg. On the last day of the Battle General Picket rode along the front of his formed lines and hollering “Gentlemen, for your sweet hearts, for your wives, for your loved ones . . . for old Virginia . . . !“

I don’t believe Loyd Austin gave that order. I believe it was a White Hat battle cry to get the last of the confused military to commit to the right side of the line moments before the battle begins, perhaps for them to save themselves and their buddies.

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