• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. My Projection.

Don’t worry Baby, It’ll all be fine. This is where I think things are heading:

1. Superman’s Cape:

You don’t pull on Superman’s cape or steal the bacon from Trump. You know what he will do. Especially if he knew you were coming. Unlike most, he will put up one hellova fight.

2. 99% Court Logic:

99% of courts rulings are based on logic. Trump must give them the logic to reveal the magnitude of the problem. The Supreme court will pick up cases involving a faulty Federal Election in a hertbeat because of the timing to cure it and the importance to the country. Lower courts will be bypassed.

3. Due Dates:

Around Nov. 18th - Counties and states must certify their counts. December 14th - Electors must vote in the next president. January 20th - Inaugaration date.

4. Framing the Problem:

Trump must quickly reveal the probability of great fraud but does not have to reveal who did it.

5. The Math:

You can’t argue with good numbers. Trump needs to demonstrate: a) The states have ballots exceeding more than 100% of the registered voters. b) The Bedford Formula reveals fraud was present in the Biden votes. c) Actual video shows huge vote flipping from Trump to Biden. d) Statistical analysis reveals anomilies in vote correlation between the president and congressional candidates is unnatural.

e) If the reports of radioactive blockchain watermarks are true, tests performed on a few sample precints might indicate the level of fraud.

6. Timing:

Trump should make his major appeal after November 18th. That gives the Supreme Court until December 14th to respond. Also by waiting until the county votes are certified those certifying them are commit crimes if the know of unrevealed major fraud.

7. Court’s Remedy:

No one knows. But it is probable that they will not take the power to declare the winner as President. They will still preserve the power of the electors to do that. So at best they can invalidate the vote and call for a new Federal vote. If so they could postpone the inaugaration a few months. My guess is they might leave the interim president problem to the congress.

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