• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. My Final Thoughts on David Wynn Miller.

I studied his findings and system as best I could. I got to the point where I could read contracts as they are and should have been written. But I could only write half of a contract as there were a few things I could not write from scratch.

My final analysis was that he proved his point in that civilization has been flim-flamed by clever fraudsters over many centuries. But I disagree with his method to extricate ourselves from our predicament by learning a new Latin-like language for contracts only. I believe we have to play the golf ball where it lies.

Right now our contracts are written in our native languages. The terms have long been defined by published law dictionaries, although according to Miller, those definitions are wrong. I feel we must back up the published definitions with a gun or threat of citizens voiding contracts if they are believed formed under fraud. In other words, we need to all stand and say “No more games or else [we will destroy you in mass].”

Contracts are too important to have to wait until we all learn a new Pig-Latin in order to conduct business.

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