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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Mulberrys, Shane, NESARA and the Quantum Financial System.

Yesterday we discussed the podcast by Jordan Sather suggesting that NESARA and the QFS may be scams as there is no proof of them. This rant is a continuation of that discussion. You decide things for yourself.

Prior to the D-Day invasion in WWII one fact was known by all to be certain – If the Allies did not immediately capture a port city the invasion would collapse from lack of supplies. The Germans were convinced the port of Cherbourg, France was the target, even a week after D-Day.

The Allies stunned the world when instead it invaded a simple beach in the Normandy region with no port. They did it by bringing their own deep water port with them. They invented giant concrete blocks each 50 feet long and up to 5 stories high. They were towed into place then scuttled making them a bridge out to the ships for trucks to traverse.

Before D-Day there was no evidence of their existence. The Mulberrys never made the cover of Popular Mechanics until after their use. If an Englishman was asked if anything like that existed one would probably hear “If there were I would know about it because of my research or job position . . “

I share with you an exert from my 2012 article Humanity Awakens:

Shane and the Cattleman's Association

How difficult is it to change our culture? Actually, it is quite simple and is done all the time, right before our eyes; we just never pay attention to it. All that is required to change culture is the intent to do so. Take, for example, the movie Shane, starring Alan Ladd, that we all enjoyed. Oh my, the tale it can tell! The Shane saga really began in 1892 with the Johnson County War. Be sure to read the link to it later, as you would swear it is a blueprint for how we are managed today by the big people. The war was an invasion of Northern Wyoming by the Cattleman's Association and their sixty hired guns (including Billy the Kid) for the purpose of killing off their peasant competition and literally burying evidence of the cattle barons' prior crimes. The invaders had the good guys cornered in a shack when the surrounding counties sent a 400 man rescue posse that chased the sixty invaders to a Baron's large ranch. The posse cornered them there for three days until President Harrison sent in the army to rescue his and the Governor's friends, the cattle barons. Criminal justice was never delivered for the crimes of the Barons and their paid gunmen. Now let's fast-forward to 1949 when Jack Schaefer wrote a book about that event which led to the 1953 movie by the same name as the book. Of great interest is that both the book and movie are footnotes in our American history. They are acknowledged because the book was the first written account of the event to be allowed to be published by the Cattleman's Association in fifty-seven years! The 1953 movie was only allowed to proceed after it was watered down and disguised.

The Cattleman's Association was so powerful that no newsprint or other publications dealing with the event were allowed anywhere in the country for those fifty-seven years. Their intent, that the event be concealed, controlled the publishers. The invaders' memoirs were only permitted to be collected forty years after the fact. As for our culture, for those near sixty years, the Johnson County War never existed. Have I impressed you yet on how easy it is to alter culture? No, you say? Let's do it this way then. Back in the late 50s big beautiful colorful posters started showing up in classrooms all over the country depicting the Basic Food-Group Pyramid, which incidentally, always had meat at its base. These were most welcomed by the teachers because at that time, they had no visuals in their classrooms, so the FREE, and in color, posters were most welcomed. The problem was that they were known to be wrong then as they are wrong now. But they instilled in us the false fact that we are starving if we don't eat a big piece of meat at every meal. The beef industry lied to us and altered our culture. They blocked out what they didn't want and added what they did want. Imagine that Sports Fans.

So now lets talk about NESARA whose saga has been around for about 25 years and the QFS which just appeared a few months ago. Both alone are capable of delivering an instant kill shot against the Central Banksters. Therefore could this be the reason both sides would implement project secrecy during a war for control of the planet? Just asking.

My personal opinion is both are real and will materialize. The Military Intelligence has worked too long and hard to leave these out.

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