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Jim’s Rant For The Day. The Anna Von Reitz Document?

About eight years ago I got involved in restoring the Florida Republic, a movement in all states to take the country back to its Republic and Constitution. There were two other movements ongoing at the same time. One was County Assemblies and another was County DE Jure Grand Juries. All three had the same goal to have the counties speak for the state and then connect with all states to take back the country. Each group was independent of the others.

There was no precedent or law book to tell us how to achieve our goals. I knew to succeed eventually one group would have to go to the point that they then garnered support of the military.

I have often explained that what we were doing was like wearing black clothing and sunglasses in a darkened room at night searching for a black cat. Every now and then someone would open the door, go out and close the door and squeal they think they caught it. They would then disappear. The rest of us just kept searching.

Von Reitz’s document is an order to the military to act because their group fulfilled the legal role of temporary leader of the country. They are the result of county assemblies becoming state assemblies and joining forces. Is this document legal or not is now the question. Is it an order or a comfort letter?

Comfort Letters. Comfort letters are issued by bankers, CPAs, lawyers and others. They can range from simple explanations to calm you to assurances that all is legal and then even further to a Hold Harmless agreeing to reimburse you if you help them and incur expenses in doing so. A simple Comfort letter might be sent from Ann to Billy suggesting she heard he might ask either her or Mary to the Prom. Ann is hoping someone else asks her so Billy should ask Mary instead. “This would keep you and I from being in an awkward conversation and hurting each other.”

Note the date of August 9, 2021. Did the military ask for a current document? Did Anna's group just arrive at the finish line?

So the bottom line here is if the Authorization is an order or a comfort letter to the military just to fill up their files as proof that they were asked by the public to take over the country? The answer is only time and history will tell us what the military decided it was.

See: "Authorization to Act --- Joint Chiefs of Staff"

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