• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. More On General Nathan Bedford Forrest.

On one occasion Forrest demanded “surrender or be slaughtered” terms to one fortification. The union Commander was no fool; he wanted to see the goods first. He arranged for a truce so he could visit the Confederate camp and see for himself.

Forrest instructed the escort to bring him in one way and exit a different way. He then ordered his only two cannons to be circled and hastily be rushed through the camp as late arrivals. During the meeting the Commander said “My god, you have ten cannons.” Forrest responded with “Really? I reckon that was all that was able to keep up with us.” The rouse worked as the Commander surrendered after spotting two more cannons on the way out of camp.

The above is an example of the mind war being waged on us now to surrender to another's will. Just focus on getting your family through several months of chaos first before planning for the end of the universe.

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