• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Calling The Martial On Facebook. [Updated]

Question #1: Does it make sense that the board of directors of a company with over 60,000 employees would, all by itself, shut down its own business? Question #2: If it were in trouble in some way wouldn’t it try to correct its problem before just closing?

Question #3: Is it more probable that the Government ordered it offline?

Question #4: If the Answer to Question #3 is “yes”, does that mean Martial Law has been quietly declared by the Biden Administration?

Question #5: Did the Deep State just lose a triple header? They appear to have lost the Funding Bill to be submitted, and at the same time, failed to lift the Debt Ceiling.

They got the shut out today on gaining a tie breaking Senator in Congress.

It appears they just had to declare Martial Law.

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