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Jim’s Rant For The Day. More Information About Alan Turing (The Imitation Game).

I am currently reading a book I picked up at a yard sale, D-Day - Operation Overlord From It’s Planning To The Liberation of Paris. (1999). No author stated; appears to be from a set titled Classic Conflicts (perhaps for a war college) Amazon). In my research I see that each chapter has a separate author.

As you recall, Turing was the inventor of the first electronic computer as depicted in the movie The Imitation game. After his team cracked the German enigma code machine the MI6 (British CIA equivalent) kept their work classified and secretly managed WWII to a successful conclusion for the Allies.

According to one of the authors, this team was responsible for the sudden destruction of the German submarine corp so it was no longer a threat to allied shipping. This author also credits the team with Scotland Yard catching all German spies in England and compromising some to become double agents for the Allies. Comically, the compromising activity was code named Project XX but was referred to the “Committee of Twenty”. The author points out that the two “XXs” represents “Double Crosses”!

I initially felt the importance of Alan Turing’s story to point out that it resulted in MI6 and our CIA into leaving their governments behind and attempting to control the world without them, putting us in the position we currently find ourselves in.

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