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Jim’s Rant For The Day. More Hands Make It Easier.

I read a story of a traveler who saw a van pulled over on the side of the highway on a steep embankment rising up. The van was listing badly and was about to roll over back onto the road. He pulled over and ran over to assist the two men trying to hold it up while a Highway Patrolman was on his radio. The traveler asked them how long they had been holding it up. That is when he discovered the two were under arrest!

I received three emails of despair about the Amazing Polly article indicating that the voting audits are scams that had been planned for several years and that Trump may be finished. I see something else entirely.

More hands in the project to steal the election only makes the Trump win easier. The planned crooked audit reveals the depth and planning done by the traitors. With a team of lawyers aware of the controlled audit that is just one more layer to the fraud that can be revealed to the SCOTUS, the state legislators, the electors, the U. S. citizens and the world.

Yep, more hands are better.

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