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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Money Debasement – Past and Future.

Me and my movies. Last night I saw a movie centered around 1940. The wife received $700 in currency and used it for the family. I got to wondering what value it would have today, 80 years later, if she had saved it. Of course I was assuming the Bankers would debase it at 3% per year (inflation) and she would hide the money under her mattress. Today it would be worth $61, only 9% of its original value. Like a thief in the night they got to her mattressed account.

Here is the mind game they play with us – they confuse us with the term “inflation” that they never define. It’s kinda like the term “Dooflicky”. We are too embarrassed to admit we don’t understand it. Just hold this thought for a few minutes.

The only real money constants are gold and silver. An ounce is an ounce is an ounce. That can never change. But they confuse us by by showing the daily value of gold on TV stated in $Dollars. Some days it’s up and some days it’s down right? So it does change. No, not really. What is really changing is the value of the dollar! The ounce of gold is still an ounce of gold. They have been screwing with our minds. If the wife in the movie had instead taken $700 worth of gold in 1940 ($33.85 per ounce) today her stash would be worth around $35,817. That is again reflection of how much our Dollar has been debased without us even noticing it. There was a time in history when one could debase gold coins by shaving off the sides of the coins and collecting the dust. But that stopped when the sides of coins had ripples added to them. So once again, a gold or silver coin is equal to a coin (in terms of ounce to ounce). Jim Rickards in his article today, The Great Reset Is Here, suggests the elite want to take away our physical money and herd us into cryptos that they will eventually commandeer to control us. The benefit of cryptos is that there is a set number of cryptos that will be allowed to be created and can be verified it has not exceeded that limit. So the cryptos are different in that they cannot be watered down like the paper FIAT currency today, causing the inflation. But when the elite gain control of the cryptos they can continue their money debasement by charging us all a negative interest rate on our bank balances! They can also prevent us from spending our money on things they don’t want us to spend it on, such as guns or bibles. This is the current money war going on in the background. I hope and expect the new money to be gold backed, in both paper form and crypto form. By maintaining paper currency the Banks are prevented from charging a negative interest rate (inflation) on our bank accounts. If they do we can either draw out paper cash or simply ask for gold.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. The difference between the $700 and the $35,817 is $35,117, the amount the Elite stole from the wife!

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