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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Midget Basketball.

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

I never told you this before but to local midgets I am referred to as the “real midget”. Because of my extreme shortness I never understood basketball. Of course I never walked out on the court because I was too embarrassed.

But now I am trying to understand the game as well as the life of a basketball star. If I were a NBA star, would I really give a damn if I just lost $100 Million by refusing the suicide shot? If my revenue was cut off by the team I hopefully would be able to change my lifestyle for a small income stream. But then what would I do with myself?

I suppose I would be answering my doorbell all day and night from Lawyer Men wanting to take my case against the NBA.

I suppose I would have to look down on them as they explained to me that Biden never really wrote an Executive Order yielding a lawful order for the team to order me to be vaxed. Because I was under a contract with the team and the Association, they would probably explain to me that the contract never anticipated the association commanding me to take an unlawful poison vax, in violation of my Constitutional rights.

I suppose they would explain that because there was no Executive Order then there is no legal protection for the Association in violating my rights and therefore I can sue them for Breach of contract and resulting damages to my career.

But about then I might ask “What might I win?” They would probably say that me and a few others might become the new owners of the NBA association!

Gosh darn, its a shame I’m a midget and don't have some of the action. I wonder if there is another company I could work at that requires the Vax, say something more for the little people, before they all go bankrupt?

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