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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Microchip Architecture.

When I was working on my Master’s in Computer Science I took a Microchip Architecture class. Before one class we were all arguing about who invented the first digital computer with half saying it was two engineers at Bell Laboratories in the U.S. and the other half stating it was an English cryptanalyst and mathematician, Alan Turing, during WWII. Even the professor got into it but the issue was never resolved.

The resolution holdup was that there was no information on Turing, only rumors that he was gay and England kept his work quiet because of his embarrassing sexuality. This was true in that he was gay but his history was obscured because his work was classified for 60 years until the mid 2000’s. Then it took a few years for the story to get out to the public resulting in the 2013 movie The Imitation Game.

That movie was a pivotal point in my investigation on the current collapse and reset. Turing and his group cracked the German “Enigma” code machine in 1939 and the naval version in 1941, but it was kept quiet from all the world except England’s MI6 intelligence section. They are the ones who classified it for 60 years after the war so they could become a world power in itself. After the war they and the US intelligence agency gave enigma machines to Western powers as gifts but not telling them the code had been cracked and they were monitoring them.

This allowed the spy agencies to become more powerful than their governments because of the information they alone knew. This then was used by the world Central banks and the World Bank to take advantage of lucrative contracts with other governments that were blackmailed and had all their financial secrets out in the open during negotiations, resulting in the creation of the CABAL and Deep State machinery that now controls governments.

I know I have shared this with you before but this morning I saw a video that takes the story even further. See The Deep State and the Digital-Financial Complex.

See also: Alan Turing

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