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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Mary H. And The Machine.

Mary H. was a most talented business woman and an extreme extrovert. She was a thinker. She was a people person. I met her from doing their business books as their CPA. She put her husband through medical school and then set up his private practice after he interned for a year. She herself built up his successful business. Several years later they divorced.

Her new husband was her equal. Somehow they went down the rabbit hole that the Internal Revenue Service was unconstitutional and illegal. They researched it for two years then decided to stop filing their personal tax returns. They would have been OK in doing that but they ran their mouths about it.

The local IRS went after them. They do it to make an example out of people like them to scare the rest of us into submission. As usual the IRS sent them to prison. They also got the newspaper coverage that they always seem to get in cases like this. I recall that one damning piece of evidence was that she maintained a “gift drawer” in her home. It was full of gifts for if in conversation a guest might have had a birthday recently perhaps or a friend of her daughter was feeling down. The gifts were nice and more than two dozen bucks apiece therefore she was leading a wealthy lifestyle.

This is how they control us. If one of us speaks out they pounce on us, one at a time. But if Mary H. had utilized a De Jure Grand Jury she would not have been the target, the IRS Agent's leader would have been because they probably would have been indicted for crimes and then had to prove they were innocent.

Now here’s the thing about indictments. They differ from trials. If an acquittal is rendered in a trail that PERSON can no longer be charged with that PARTICULAR crime against that complainant. But if an indictment is rendered or denied, next week another indictment can be brought into question until a trial is obtained. So this machine can continue to pound away at government employees. Each time an employee is indicted they will have to go on leave until it is dismissed or they are arrested and jailed for trial. And all this time the Mary H.s are not the targets, the government is.

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